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                                                 Naming Rights Related Services:

Facilitating Naming Rights Deals

Naming Rights increase market recognition & profit
Use Naming Rights to raise cash for initial architectural construction and/or expansion

Also Transacting Naming Rights for Naming Rights Buyers...

The Transactions of Naming Rights for Naming Right Sellers:
Naming Rights are when Company (A) agrees to pay Company (B) for the right to place its company’s name on, perhaps, the roof or large exterior and/or interior wall(s) of perhaps a stadium, hospital, shopping center, convention center, museum, office building, airport or some other kind of venue owned by Company (B).  Naming Rights are the right to name a piece of property, either tangible property or an event, usually granted in exchange for financial considerations.  Institutions like schools, places of worship, For-Profit Businesses of all kinds, Non-Profit Businesses of all kinds and municipalities have a tradition of granting donors the right to name facilities in exchange for financial contributions/donations and/or buying Naming Rights.  Corporations/Naming Rights Buyers see the buying of Naming Rights from stadiums, convention centers, shopping centers, hospitals, office buildings and other public gathering places as a form of advertising, marketing and branding.  Thus Naming Rights deals worth millions and sometimes billions of dollars have been transacted.

     Naming Rights allow businesses and organizations that are complementary to each other to position themselves to establish the buying and selling of Naming Rights on the exterior and/or interior of a building or land (or on other entities in other ways and locations) for mutual benefit of the buyer and the seller of the naming rights.  Many Fortune 500 Companies conduct these types of business transactions on a regular basis.  Also, the selling of Naming Rights can be applied to events.  
     Selling Naming Rights is a very successful fund raising tool for convention centers, office buildings, stadiums, hotels, colleges, hospitals, municipalities, airports, museums, and many other venues to raise debt-free capital for the purpose of architectural construction expansion.  PIF can raise the money needed for expansion via Naming Rights.
                   The Transactions of Naming Rights for Naming Rights Buyers:

      Profit Increase Funding LLC transacts Naming Rights for Naming Rights Sellers and we also transact Naming Rights transactions for Naming Rights Buyers.  There are very many reasons, advantages and profit-increasing benefits that Naming Rights Buyers can obtain from Naming Rights transactions via Profit Increase Funding LLC. 

     Naming Rights have a uniquely powerful way of attracting the interest of consumers (in an impressive and almost subliminal manner), which causes a deep-rooted psychological advantage for Naming Rights Buyers to dramatically increase public awareness of their company or organization.  The number of indelible marketing impressions and the overall impact quality of the marketing impressions can be psychologically orchestrated and branded upon the minds of consumers.

     The buying of naming rights will allow your For-Profit or Non-Profit business or organization to be placed in a unique and powerful marketing and competitive advantage.  One of the many reasons for this is because of the extremely unique, profit increasing and limited availability of the attention-capturing, high-profit-generating and profit-increasing naming rights opportunities that we can provide for you.  Additionally, the application of the strategic, wise and high-profit-returning act of buying naming rights will therefore make duplication or imitation far less obtainable for your competitors.

     Naming Rights dramatically increases public awareness of the company or organization that buys them.  The sales and communication objectives of the naming rights buyer can be deliberately shaped, focused, and targeted in extremely beneficial ways through the innovative use of naming rights.  Image enhancement becomes more controllable, predictable, and profitable for the buyer due to the indelible impact of their purchasing of naming rights and/or corporate sponsorships. 

     The number of the indelible marketing impressions and the overall impact of the marketing impressions that can be psychologically orchestrated and branded upon the minds of consumers can also be greatly amplified for the Naming Rights Buyer by the use of a very important and irreplaceable component:  that irreplaceable component is the wise and powerful utilization of Profit Increase Funding!

     By buying Naming Rights and/or Corporate Sponsorships, PIF can and will provide the Naming Rights Buyer with the kind of shining results that no other company can deliver.  We will equip you with the ability to continue to outshine your competition and to surpass that with brilliance beyond comparison, while locking you into a consumer impressive position that will give you the key to dramatically increased profits! 

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