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Selling Your Naming Rights Can Provide You with Millions of Dollars for Initial Architectural Construction and/or Continuing Architectural Construction Expansion!  

        Naming Rights Transactions/Deals are becoming increasingly more popular and profitable for many corporations.  Many For-Profit and Non-profit businesses and organizations and municipalities are finding that Naming Rights are an excellent debt-free, risk-free way to obtain millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions and sometimes billions of dollars for initial architectural construction and architectural construction expansion, which also includes overall improvement to sustain, expand, and renovate your establishment or municipality entity. 

   Naming Rights Deals are good for both the Naming Rights Sellers and Naming Rights Buyers and sometimes it is an extremely wise and profitable move for some For-Profit and Non-profit businesses and organizations to become both a Naming Rights Seller and a Naming Rights Buyer.  

     Naming Rights Deals can greatly vary in length and in their amounts.  Their length can vary from just a few short years to the entire life of the building (or other kind of entity).  Most are 10 years or more.  But the time-range length is very negotiable.  The highest paid Naming Rights Deal ever negotiated and implemented in the U. S. was for Citi Field and the Barclays Center; both in New York City.  Each of those two Naming Rights Deals garnered $400 million, which was paid out at a rate of $20 million over a 20 year period.  The new home of the New York Jets, which is presently being constructed will surpass both of those deals and will annually garner approximately $25 to $30 million.
     Corporate and organizational entities are becoming more and more interested in finding ways to overcome the setbacks and profit limitations and decreases brought on by the negativities we are experiencing in our global economy.  Many of them are becoming Naming Rights Buyers because they know that utilizing the methodology of Naming Rights will give them a strong and unique competitive edge.  They know that the marketing and branding aspects involved in having their corporate name or the name of their organization on a venue that is very much seen by consumers is a way for them to greatly increase public recognition, which will convert into increased sales and profits.

      A strong trend that is here to stay is also developing in terms of a dramatic increase in the numbers of Naming Rights Sellers (and Naming Rights Buyers) globally.  Naming Rights Sellers are finding that they can obtain huge sums of money just by merely selling Naming Rights to their establishment.  They are also finding they can simultaneously obtain additional advertising strength for free simply by the symbiotic effect of having their name linked with the Naming Rights Buyer as a result of the Naming Rights Deal.
     There are many challenges and much confusion about understanding how the process of obtaining and securing a Naming Rights Deal works and where to turn to for help with the process.  This includes the need of Naming Rights Sellers who want to know where to go and who to turn to so they can obtain some of the billions of untapped Naming Rights dollars out there.  Naming Rights Buyers equally have a hard time understanding the process and finding solid companies to spend their advertising, marketing and branding dollars on that will give them the highest and best use of and return on their naming rights investment.  The answer for both of them is to study this website extensively. 


Alternative means of obtaining working capital.......


Published 8/6/2004

Factoring is an exciting financial procedure that promises to be one of the best short term solutions to any problems your business may have with capital.  An honest and business-worthy venture, this procedure works best for companies that have clear profits on the horizon and need temporary funding to see the completion of contracted projects.  Flexibility and effectiveness are the hallmarks of factoring and the reliability of this procedure in solving capital shortfalls has been proven to be impressive.

When to Use Factoring and Why: Say you've just scored a colossal deal with a new client.  All that's required now is for you to provide the products or services up front, but your company is not geared to handle an order of this scale.  There simply isn't enough capital.  Time is an issue. Your client is waiting, and regular banks cannot process new loans or financing in time to meet deadlines.  It's at this point where most factoring firms step in with an offer.

The main selling point factoring firms offer in order to entice business is speed and flexibility.  Moving money through such a firm is much faster and more convenient than the typical loan or refinancing application process at the banks.  It basically gives you the time you need to better fulfill clients’ needs and expectations, with much less hassle.”

Article by N. Tan



"Taking The Fear Out of Factoring"

With more and more reputable companies entering the factoring business, services have greatly improved.  But factors' bottom line use remains the same: providing ready funds for companies in cash-flow-challenged industries.

By: Martin Mayer

Factoring now accounts for more than $1 trillion a year in credit; triple what it was in the early 1990s.  When the economy slowed down in the past years, so did factoring (after all, with fewer invoices to buy, less money could be advanced by factors).  But insiders report that recently there has been the beginning of a turnaround.  Factors are not only putting out more money but are willing to take greater risks than years ago.

What's more, in what looks to be the wave of the future, tech-savvy factors have created online lending services that allow a steady flow of small invoices (sometimes just a few dollars each) to be paid to a business owner almost immediately.  The factor takes care of all the paperwork, while the company follows the progress via the Web.  Everything is covered, from generating the invoice (in what can look to the customer very much like a credit card transaction) to cashing the check, to depositing the funds into the bank account of the company.

Wal-Mart, the world's biggest retailer, has created a new class of companies that need factoring because it also stretches out its payments.  The vendors can't complain because Wal-Mart is such a huge source of business.  From the factor's point of view, this is an ideal situation, because there is almost no risk of Wal-Mart never paying up.  Yet banks usually won't extend a loan to small companies in this situation because they typically expect a whole lot more collateral to back up a loan than just a contract with Wal-Mart.

Today, factoring has become significant in the financing of many other businesses that depend on fast billing turnaround, such as hardware stores, pharmacies, florists, wine and liquor distributors, parking garages (for commercial accounts), garden supply shops, pest controllers, and temp agencies.”

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